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The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.
—Thucydides, History Of The Peloponnesian War, 431 BCE

Imagine that I am a park keeper. I'm also the local magistrate. In my position as park keeper, I erect loads of KEEP OFF THE GRASS signs around the park. Then, one day, I follow you around the park, constantly pushing you off the path and onto the grass. In my position as magistrate, I then punish you, your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours for your "crime" of walking on the grass; and all this is done merely in order to show that I have the power to do it.

Would you, Gentle Reader, describe me as a nice person, based on the above? Would you think me a person worthy of your trust, obedience and loyalty? Would you attempt to defend my actions? (more…)

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Right then let's catch up with Bob Hutton, as I've missed three of his posts.

Bob's Bowel Movement The First: "A Warning To All Evangelists (And All Christians, Too!)"

I take this one quite personally, as it's framed as an attack on one of my readers, and constitutes a complaint about things said in the comments on my own blog—and yet Bob doesn't even have the decency to link to the comments in question so that his readers can make their own judgements. Is he, perhaps, afraid that people might think his complaints unfounded? Or is he, perhaps, a discourteous shit-head with no sense of politeness or of moral decency?

I've said this before, Bob, and though you've flatly denied it, you've never actually explained in what way I'm wrong. Failure to give the full facts is lying by omission, and a liar by omission bears false witness just as much as does a liar by commission. Try obeying your own bloody scriptures before complaining that others don't do so.

Anyways, Bob says: (more…)

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Granted, it's a few days old, as I've been otherwise engaged, and it's not very interesting mail, but it is, indubitably, mail. According to Bob Hutton—and I quote—I "will love this." He then provides a link to his blog. Not a blog-entry, you understand. His entire blog. And that's it.

I'm going to assume that he meant to point me at his latest waste of effort. It's just that Bob's grasp of nineteen-nineties technology (you know; interweb links an' stuff) is rather weak. I long-ago asked Bob to stop spamming my email when he makes new posts, but I guess he was so excited about having managed to string a few sentences together that he momentarily forgot that.

(And Bob, for what it's worth, I'm already subscribed to the RSS feed of your blatherings. I do not need a personal reminder whenever you spill your e-ink. I make comments at your blog about some of my posts here, because, in those cases, I have chosen to address your own posts, and letting you know that I've done so is the polite thing to do. I assume that if you wanted to know when I make any post about anything you would subscribe to my blog. Please Bob, enough with the spam, okay?)

So, okay, I'm in a fisking kinda mood, so let's have a look what the Broadstairs Buffoon has to say… (more…)

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Well, I had to mark my 666th post somehow
[Now, with Added Graphics for your Viewing Pleasure! Thanks, Fojap!]

For those with eyes with which to see
Watch John as he talks of calamity.
For those with ears with which to hear,
Does he slur as a man does, taken in beer?
Vision of a man, from the clouds he flies,
With stars in his hands, and fire in his eyes.
Vision of a man, in his mouth a sword,
And golden lamps strewn abroad.
Dreams of a dragon, horned like a lamb!
D'you think, maybe, John's had a wee dram?
There's seven of this; of that there's seven.
John's blank-eyed, now; in junkie-heaven. (more…)

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Well, this is my six-hundredth and sixty-fifth post on this blog, and it occurs to me that it must, therefore, live directly opposite The Beast. What with Halloweens and my general taste for music of a horror-based nature, though, we've already had several editions of Friday Night Is Music Night on demonic themes, so let's go with Biblical references. Not religious songs per se, you understand (we've done that, too), just Biblical themes, stories, characters and so on as metaphor and the like.

As ever, feel free to add your own suggestions in comments.


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Okay then, here's an article about one of Hutton's posts in which I intend not to engage in Bob-bashing (unless it takes a different track as I write, from that which I have in my head as I begin). There may or may not be the occasional side-swipe at the Broadstairs Buffoon but, for the most part, I'm going to address the same thing he's addressed, rather than talk about his addressing of it.

Umm. Yeah, I think that sentence made sense.

And, I have to say, I strongly suspect that by the time I get to the end of this post, I'll have asked a lot of questions without having come up with many—if any—answers. The subject he's talking of, messianic Jews (people of Jewish descent who acknowledge Christ as the Messiah) is soaked in nuance and context, and requires a much greater knowledge of Jewish culture than I have. I've talked to Jews, both religious and non-religious, who struggle to define just what it means to be culturally but not religiously Jewish; yet they all seem to agree that, ill defined or hard-to-define as it may be, such cultural Jewishness is a real thing. And if they find it hard to define, then, I, as a non-Jew—and one who knows little of the culture, to boot—am not even going to attempt the task.

But here's where it all gets very hairy.


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So, Hutton's pulled a tall tale from his arse recounted a True Story, which he's neither cited a source for nor provided any other information by which we might verify it. Noting that many of the tourists he wishes to accost in the street don't speak the same language as him, he wonders how can "these needy souls be reached with the Gospel." He says:

As I pondered this question I was reminded of a true story I heard about a Turkish merchant seaman who docked at New York. While on shore leave he walked passed some evangelists who were preaching and passing out tracts. An English tract was given to him, and, though he couldn't speak or read English he was greatly intrigued by this. He resolved to teach himself to read enough English to be able to understand what he had been given.


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Okay, so you've got this god. He's the only god your tribe's allowed to worship. He's merciful, provided you say the right prayers, make the right offerings, possibly cut off or modify the correct body parts, eat the right food on the right days, and all that stuff. He'll love you and protect you, and your tribe will prosper, provided yada yada yada.

The problems really don't start until you start adding superlatives. And especially until you begin bandying the word "perfect" about.


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While I was otherwise engaged, Bob 'Plagiarist' Hutton managed to produce what, to me, seems one of his most obscene posts yet. He begins:

On December 7, 1941 the Japs bombed Pearl Harbour; this brought the Yanks into the 2nd World War and led to their president, F D Roosevelt, to declare that this date would live in infamy.

Let us skip lightly past the racism—mostly because Hutton probably doesn't even realise "Japs" is racist, and I've frankly given up trying to teach him how to become a decent human being—and read on, as I'm sure we're all wondering where the hell he's going with this…

However, this date had [sic] now been overtaken by March 29, 2014; why is this? Because on that day the Destruction of Marriage Act came into force and people involved in unnatural sexual relationships could legally call themselves married.

Yep, folks, you read that right. He really went and fuckin' did that thing you saw him do.


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Yep. Bob 'Plagiarist' Hutton is back.

I've decided to make a feature of this. Every post Bob puts up, I shall answer, take the piss out of, critique, fisk, or at the very least mention, and provide a link to. I have three reasons for doing this. Firstly, Bob's all too typical of his "stratum" (for want of a better word) of religious "thinking" (ditto), and so provides a window which, distasteful as it might occasionally be, we really should be wiping the grime off and peering through, now and again.

Secondly, he doesn't post too often (two or three a month, usually), so it's not likely to take this entire blog over.

Thirdly, Bob's "moderation" policy amounts to ignoring any comment, no matter how polite, which he doesn't want to address, or (I suspect) which might make him have to face an uncomfortable truth or two. So—and credit goes to Remigius, who put this thought out there—as a kind of service, I offer the comment-sections below my responses to his posts, where they most surely won't be magically disappeared.

A couple of guidelines. If you've left a comment on Bob's blog, feel free to copy it before submitting it there (or make use of this nifty Firefox add-on which saves your comment-form entries automatically), and then paste it into a comment under the relevant post, here. If you do so, please mark it clearly as a cross-post. And a caveat: Bob has certain politeness-standards. Don't be pasting stuff here and whinging that he disappeared your comment, if your comment was sprinkled with cuss-words etc. (I'm not sure, but I'd be willing to lay odds that Bob would moderate against such hideous crimes as "god" not being capitalised, even when not used as a proper noun. Better safe than sorry.)

Of course, if you want to just comment here, feel free to do that too.

And so, with the preamble over, let's take a look at Bob's latest. I'm feeling in a fisking mood; though some parts may be treated more seriously than others.

Take it away, Bob…


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