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If it's blasphemy to disagree—
If free thought is taboo.
If you'd undertake to punish me
For not being just like you;
Then what's the worth of my loyalty,
If forced at the point of a knife?
Can your all-knowing, all-seeing god not see,
That I'm faking, to save my own life?
Is your faith so badly built that it creaks,
At the sight of doubt's first puzzled frown?
So that even the slightest dissenting speech
Brings the whole rotten edifice down?
That's why you label it 'blasphemy,'
Why you try to keep doubt out of sight!
It's your own weakness you're trying not to see…

You're scared that I might be right!


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Okay, so it's Blasphemy Day. So I thought I'd as a question of any religious folk who might read this. (Any religion; I care not which unsubstantiated belief you hold to.)

Why should you care? Or, indeed, why do you care? What difference does it make to you, if someone who doesn't believe in [insert name of your god here] says something about him/her/it that you don't agree with, or takes its name in vain, expresses disagreement with, or lack of respect for, its alleged pronouncements?


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I’m Back (I Think)

I must admit it came as a bit of a shock to see that it's nigh-on a month since I posted anything. Ho-hum. Suffice to say I've been kinda busy. The only times I've touched the computer have been when I've wanted to watch programmes on iPlayer, which mostly makes programmes available for a week, which means any essential TV (currently Only Connect, University Challenge, Doctor Who, Horizon and Mastermind) has to be caught up with within that time-frame, or I either miss it or end up resorting to more … erm … extra-legal means of obtaining them. Other than that, it's been either work or sleep for the most part.

I really should have kept a check on my email though. Even after deleting items from blogs which tend to be purely of-the-minute topical (I read most of the blogs I subscribe to in Thunderbird), I'm still left with a bewildering five hundred-odd to at least glance at. Yes, I really should make more of an effort to organise my mail into folders, too, for ease of sorting in such situations. *sigh*


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