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tea and solidarity

Trigger warning for rape in this article.

Dear Nigel Farage,

I can’t stop looking at the photo above – women in Afghanistan queuing to vote in the first democratic transfer of power the country has ever seen. A tremendous occasion by all accounts. Voter turnout in the Afghan election was about that of the 2012 American presidential election which saw Barack Obama re-elected. I think both me and you are hoping for a similar turnout in the May 22nd elections, but I fear we may be disappointed.

I wanted to let you know that I won’t be voting for you. I don’t suppose it takes a genius to work that one out – I’ll be voting Labour in the European election, I’ll be voting for Labour’s candidate in my home ward, Dena Rafati, and I’ll be knocking on doors challenging your party with my ward colleague, Bill Stevens, in our…

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The Wastrel

You could've ridden the wall of death,
Or maybe gone scuba diving.
Instead, you wasted every breath,
In fuss and worry and striving
For a better life when this one's done.
A whole life used, and nothing from it—
Four score and ten spins round the sun,
Wasted on the dubious promise,
Of a Paradise you'll never know;
Of a better time beyond the grave.
You could have lived, but no, you chose
A death in life; a miser's save.

Daz (more…)

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And so we come to the second of my "How to build a website from scratch" series of posts. Last time, we covered how to create the document—the "boring" bits—and the supporting folder-structure. And I'm going to start with an addendum to that…

When explaining how to create UTF-8 documents, I left Linux-users in the lurch, somewhat, saying that "I tried googling it, but ran into the good old geeky-jargon barrier." So thanks to Ubuntu-user Ron for this bit, and I'll quote him verbatim:

  1. Open a terminal (haha) and create a web directory in your "home" folder:
    • mkdir -p www/files/common/pics
    • mkdir -p www/files/common/styles/fonts
      (Note: the "-p" switch lets you create all subdirectories in one go)

  2. Create the files
    • touch www/index.html
    • touch www/files/common/styles/CommonStyle.css
    • touch www/files/common/styles/CommonStyleIE.css

  3. Open "index.html" with your favorite (insert flame war here) text editor to enter the HTML code.

Which—if you'll allow me a short digression—led to me looking for a way to create multiple directories (folders) and sub-directories in one go, in Windows. Turns out you can do it with a batch file, but you need to put in complete folder-paths, from C:\ onwards. Much easier, is this nice little portable freeware dingus, Text 2 Folders. Later, I might see if I can find a way to create multiple files in those directories. That'd be nice!

(Also, notice that Ron created a document with the .html extension, rather than the .htm that I use. Either is fine, and there's no practical difference between the two. I began my page-code-deciphering experience by trawling through the source-code produced by M/S Word's "Save as web-page" option (don't try it—it's awful), and my habit of using the shorter version comes from Word's use of that form.)

But back to the topic in hand… (more…)

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Here's a thing I just found out. If you're working on an html document on your desktop, then Firefox, by default, won't accept the "../" instruction to go up a directory, when—and only when—dealing with embedded fonts. So this:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../Common/Styles/Fonts/stylesheet.css">

… won't work, while this:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="Files/Common/Styles/Fonts/stylesheet.css">

… will.

It'll accept that first one gladly if the site's online, but doesn't want to know if it's stored locally.

Fortunately, the solution's easy.

Type about:config in the url bar, and click the "I'll be careful" button when it appears.

Type, or paste, security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy into the search bar.

After it's found that preference, double click it, so that the "Value" field changes to "false."

And that's it. You don't even need to restart the browser. What an odd behaviour though.

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I came across this wonderful version of Summertime on You Tube. I quote:

Håkan Ehn plays a modified Lee Oskar harmonica in G:

Top reed plate is from a G major harp and the bottom reed plate is from a harp with Natural Minor tuning (modification according to Lee Oskar tool kit manual).

Okay; I could do the modification. That's the easy part. How on Earth one plays such a beast, though, is beyond me.

But, anyway, since we missed (okay I missed) Friday Night Is Music Night this week, here's a music-post dedicated to the humble gob-iron. As ever, feel free to add your own suggestions in comments; and you don't—as I've done—have to stick to instrumentals, if you don't want to.


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You gotta hate the things I hate,
Or else you're goin' to Hell.
If you wanna pass those Pearly Gates
You've gotta hate as well.
My Saviour's tastes agree with mine;
If I don't like it, it's a sin.
'cause I'm in touch with the divine;
What I like's what gets you in.

Well, I can't hate the things you hate.
I think those things are swell.
If hate's what gets me through the gate,
Then listen, and I'll tell:
If your petty saviour gets so pissed
At petty things, then, well—
Should he turn out to exist,
I'd rather go to Hell.


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Y'see, someone sent me this pdf, and I just had to share! So I did some converty-stuff, and some uploady-stuff, and some linky-stuff, and can now do some, erm, display-y stuff.

What follows is a series of collectors' cards which were enclosed with sweet cigarettes, in 1964. (To anyone under the age of forty or so; yes, they did indeed once make sweets that looked like real cigarettes. They even had a fiery-red tip. On cold mornings when you could see your breath, you could even exhale vast amounts of rather convincing "smoke.")

The Daleks, of course, we all know and love to hate. Apart from Dalek Caan, of course. Who could hate Dalek Caan? If you're wondering who on (or rather, off) Earth the Voord are though, they were the villains in the sixth of the first doctor's adventures, The Keys Of Marinus.

So anyway, here's the cards. Enjoy.

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