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This week's Friday Night Is Music Night is on the theme of all things sweet and sugary. There's a definite very-oldies trend in my own selection, but don't let that stop you suggesting—as of course and as ever, you're free to do—more modern numbers in comments.


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Just To Let You Know…

And so, with the inevitability of life ending in death, of beautiful weather in Cornwall producing tail-backs of badly-maintained caravans on the A303, and of a bale of hay and a horse combining to produce a huge pile of shit, Hutton's chosen again to grace the internet with his wisdom.

Thus begins my reply to Bob Hutton’s latest utterings, on the blog I set up for that purpose. (I’ll continue to add a brief notification of such posts here for a while.)

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Peer Review

I trust we've all had a good giggle at Ken Ham's contention that aliens cannot exist, because we're God's special snowflakes? That's not really the subject of this post, but it did set me to musing. Well, specifically, what set this train of thought in motion was an aside by Jerry Coyne, regarding the contention that the universe might be God's "artwork," in his takedown of Ham's fantasy (and kudos to the Professor for even managing a serious discussion, without once descending into incoherent laughter), along with the statement by Ham himself that "the sun and moon were created for signs and our seasons—and to declare the glory of God." Specifically, it was the bit about glorifying God that struck me.

So, okay… (more…)

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The natural speed of a travelling human being is about twenty miles a day. We honk our horns and cuss when we're forced to slow down to twenty miles per hour.

We push a few buttons, hit a few keys on the keyboard, and we're in virtually instant communication with people—quite often people we've never even met—anywhere on the planet. We can cook an entire meal in minutes. Diseases that were once life-threatening are now minor irritations. We eat fruit out of season. We eat foods which won't even grow in the part of the planet we inhabit. We pick up a book or play a recording, and the dead speak and sing to us, lecture us, dance for us and act for us the plays of even longer-dead playwrights. We fly higher and faster than any bird. (more…)

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Here's what an atheist has to do in order to be labelled militant:

[citation needed]

Here's what a religious person has to in order do to be labelled militant: (more…)

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FNIMN: Numerology

It's Friday again, and we all know that Friday Night Is Music Night, don't we. This week's is on the theme of numbers; and as ever, please feel free to add your own suggestions in comments.


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Possibly the longest single post you’ll ever see on WordPress. 🙂 Definitely worth the read, though. Thanks, Padre.

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World


I read a lot of political commentary and as a historian as well as a theologian I try to carefully examine mass movements such as the modern Tea Party Movement from a historical, theological and moral point of view. To do this as dispassionately as I can I look to history and attempt to find parallels to other movements and ideologies in the country concerned. For example if I am examining a movement in France, I look to French history for precedent, the same for any other country or region.

In regard to the Tea Party movement I have watched it since its inception in the fall of 2008 not long after I returned from Iraq. At the time I saw it as a protest against the massive failure of the American economy during the housing and stock market collapse involving the big banks and investment firms on Wall…

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