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We Got Things To Do, We Got Eggs To Lay

So hows about a music post then? No particular theme; just 'songs wot make I feel a bit happy.' As ever feel free to add suggestions in comments. These aren't necessarily uplifting songs, or songs about how nice the world is or owt like that—though if they float your boat, feel free to add them—these are just songs that generally paste a smile onto my mush and make my feet all tappy.

First off comes one that may surprise some readers. May The Circle Be Unbroken. I have no idea why a religious song about a death makes me happy but this one genuinely does. I did umm-and-ah about what version to post, but eventually settled for this one, by the Frantic Flintstones. Because, erm, why not?

And, seeing as AC/DC's Rock 'N' Roll Damnation turned up in my list, it seems fitting, for reasons of apt juxtapostition-ness to put it straight after the above.

Louis Jordan was always going to be on any playlist along these lines I made, but it took me ages to narrow down which song. I eventually settled on this up-tempo 1956 version of his 1946 Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens. (more…)

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And so, Gentle Reader, Bob has published again. If you noticed that he did so at just about the same time as I re-acquired the intertubes, well, have you ever seen both of us in the room at the same time, eh? All you need do now is work out which of us is the sockpuppet…

Anyways, I put up a reply, which contains just about as much substance as his post. Which is to say, 'not much.'

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Some M/S Visual Basic Macros

Hello there Internet. My, but it's been a while.

To the several readers who've sent me mails enquiring after my health, I'm very sorry to have worried you. Twas nought but a clapped-out router taking way too long to replace. I'm replying to emails individually, but my inbox is, well, you can probably guess, so I figured I'd get a post up letting you know I'm hale and hearty. (more…)

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A couple of years back, when I first discovered macros, I kinda fell a bit in love with them. In particular I was entranced by the Visual Basic Editor packaged with Microsoft Office for the purpose of editing macros, or even writing them from scratch, bypassing the rather naff macro recorder. Long before I had a clue how to even begin to decipher the inner workings of these magical text-spells, let alone edit one myself, I was happily pillaging the internet for complete projects offered up by those sorcerers who do know how to create conjurations with this Clarkian magic. Like any denizen of Arthur C Clarke's magical kingdom, I may not know how to bind the spirits to a purpose, but when a friendly magician gives me the already-imbued Ring Of Invisibility and tells me the magic word, I can use the fruits of her labour with ease. (more…)

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A Small Rant About E-Books

People have said a loot of good stuff about why DRM on e-books is a bad idea. I've not seen anyone mention my main reason for stripping the damn thing off though. So I can edit them.

(Caveat: at least some of what follows is based on experience with free e-books, such as those available on Project Gutenberg and Baen's now sadly much-depleted free library. Obviously the old saw about gift-horses, mouths, inspection of, applies. Still, though, I've run across most of these in far too many books for which hard-earned money has been exchanged; and that's just bloody appalling.)

Dear e-book publishers, (more…)

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It Is Rocket Science

Another 'if you've got an hour to kill' post. Season one of Helen Keen's comedy-documentary (docomedy? comumentary?) radio series, It Is Rocket Science, in which she charts, in four quarter-hour snippets, humanity's first faltering steps out into the, erm, ooniverse.

One of my regular searches is for the later series(es?) (there's two others) but so far nobody's obliged by putting them on You Tube, and Auntie Beeb seems, so far, to be uninterested in repeating them (though if you're a comedy fan, their radio comedy section is a good place too check out, with regular rebroadcasts of classics going all the way back to the Goon Show, along with the latest new comedies). If anyone ever spots them somewhere, please let me know.

Three more videos after the jump

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