Twenty minutes of technology, music-history, social-history and science. Gawd, I love videos like this!

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The BBC have recently started a monthly half-hour radio show [iPlayer or podcast] entitled When Greeks Flew Kites, in which Sarah Dunant and guests attempt to draw parallels between modern and historical events. The title comes from a half-famous 1921 Henry Ford quote:

History is bunk. What difference does it make how many times the Greeks flew their kites?

(For those who want to object that Ford actually said "more or less bunk," it turns out he said both, along with other variations on the theme.)

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Eton Trifles: The Principles Of Jacob Rees-Mogg

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Harken unto the words of the right honourable member (pun definitely intended) for North East Somerset, Jacob Rees-Mogg. Or, as I think of him, the Eton Trifle (because "Eton Mess" was, obviously, taken by Boris Johnson and because I'd be a lot happier if Mogg was, in fact, unconsidered):

Says Freddy Gray in his defence of the execrable Moggie:

Most people, however, are intelligent enough to see a man of principle – a thing Westminster politics lacks – standing up for what he believes, and they like it.

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I realise the genders in the song don't exactly fit the occasion, but I happen to know Barry likes a bit of Cab Calloway. So…

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You can find more pictures of the happy couple here.

Now all I need to know is how the hell a monotheist's beliefs are supposed to adapt to their god having married.

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The Pitter-Patter Of Little Royal Miracles

Headline news! Our Will and Kate
Did rumpy-pumpies, unprotected.
And miracle of miracles,
A baby's now expected!

No matter that tenants in council flats
And kangaroos and cats and bats
Can manage the same without hint of fuss,
This pair's supposed to mean more to us;
'cause they are better than thee or me
By dint of being royalty.


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Cynique, Moi?

To the tune of Give Me Forty Acres

For the love of tax-free earnings
On the pulpit I will pound.
I'll tell you who to hate and then
I'll send the plate around.
I will vilify the commeenists,
I'll curse the gays with hives.
I can work up quite an anger
If it earns me tax-free tithes.

I need a brand new Cadillac,
My daughter wants a yacht,
So I'll pick another scapegoat
And throw 'em in the pot.
I'll aim God's wrath at feminists
And at the godless fool;
At the needy and the greedy
'cause my mansion needs a pool.


PS: And I note that Padre Steve is just as angry as I am, about those who preach hate yet call it love. Though possibly not as cynical as I. Ho-hum.

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When Adam Delved And Eve Span…

Thought it was about time I put up a music post. I think the theme should be obvious.

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