If Black Lives Matter said "More guns, we need,"
Just imagine the right-wing's spittle-filled screeds.
Just imagine the scenes, the cries and the screams
If leftists lobbied for death-machines.
If socialists wanted AR's for "protection,"
T'would be called a communist insurrection!

But you're okay, on the right and white;
Surely you with a gun should cause no fright.
How could we imagine you'd misuse such might?
Death at your hip is your god-given right!

So let us now kneel down and pray
To the Lords of all—the NRA.
Let the children fall in bloody tatters;
Guns and profit are all that matters!


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La Vie Chez Daz

In which I gabble on about computer problems, steel-etching, broken parents, and radio shows…

I made a new year's resolution. I was gonna spend more time on the blog. Well, best end of two months later…


So, okay, back in mid-December-ish, I decided that enough was enough with the computer. It was nigh-on ten years old and in that time the hard drive was never once reformatted and the OS re-installed. Damn thing was beginning to make frozen treacle look like Usain Bolt. So I dug out the recovery discs which were made when the machine was new, backed up all the stuff I wanted to keep onto the secondary internal hard drive and went for it.

It half worked.

The part where it wiped the hard drive preparatory to installing the fresh OS worked like a dream.

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Oh, what an exciting life I lead. My first post, in the early AM of the first day of the year, and what is the topic? Coding. Woohoo! Happy New Year!


Following a Computer Cock-Up Of Monumental Proportions, which I might or might not expand—or, indeed, expound—upon in a later post, I ended up upgrading from Office 2003 to Office 2010 a couple of weeks back. Anyone who remembers the experience of changing from the menu-based to the ribbon-based interface will, I hope, understand and sympathise with my profound sense of, erm, call it culture shock. Not only that, but I lost not only all the customisations and macros I'd made to Word over the years, but also the back-ups of same, which were on a USB hard-drive which got wiped during the course of the CCUOMP. (It's pronounced "queue-omp.")

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“Judeo-Christian” Values

Would somebody please explain to me
How wishing a merry Christmas-day
Is an act which could be said to be
"Judeo" in any form, any way.
"Judeo-Christian" values? Pah!
Is perfunctory lip-service, even, paid
To the Talmud or the Tanakh?
Do you recognize Tzedakah? No! Such aid
To the poor is decried as RED COMMEENISM!
Your value system on greed's lathe is turned.
Judeo-anything, it certainly isn't,
And even poor Jesus is hard to discern.
Your "values," if as such they may be described,
Are nothing but hate, they're reactionary.
Your churches are nought but places to hide
From a world you ne'er saw from your mammy's knee.
A fig-leaf of inclusion, that "Judeo" prefix
Can't hide your obstinate Protestantism.
You hardly let Catholics into the mix!
Call it what you like, but Judeo it isn't.

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Gawd Bless Us, Every One!

One of my new year’s resolutions, Gentle Reader, will be to pick the blog up again. It’s kinda fallen by the wayside of late. But, for now, here’s the semi-obligatory collection of Christmas-Holiday-Saturnalia-Newtonday-Whatever-the hell-you-want-to-call-it-day videos.

And whatever you do want to call it, I hope you have a good one!

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Walking To New Orleans: Goodbye, Fats Domino

I can't remember if it was a birthday or a Christmas present, but the first brand-spanking-new LP I ever owned was a compilation album with a decidedly cheesy cover, but an absolutely brilliant selection of tracks, entitled Let The Good Times Roll.

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FNIMN: Moustache

Several months ago, this, erm, thing colonised my upper lip and I didn't have the heart to send it packing. I'm still not completely convinced it should be given a permanent home, but it's been long enough that I can hardly claim it's temporary any more.

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