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It's Blasphemy Day. A fact which I'd forgotted.

"What the Hell," some of you might be thinking, "is Blasphemy Day?"



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A Blasphemy Day Ditty

You'd think a hard-boiled baby-eating atheist like myself would have no trouble coming up with a post in honour of International Blasphemy Day, wouldn't you. Not so, Gentle Reader, not so…

It's the Day Of Blasphemy and so
I sat down here, tried to compose
A little rhyming ditty
'bout how all gods are shitty,
But the words would not appear—
My thoughts kept drifting far and near.
The faces in the patterns on the wall
Stared back at me—refused to help at all.
The hammers of the workmen 'cross the street
Played rhythms I augmented with my feet
As I hummed a little tune
And I stared around the room
And saw the mirror needs a wipe
And the clock needs setting right
And the stack of books beside my bed
Really should be shelved instead.



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