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The Damned Stats Page

Dear Word Press,

You keep asking me why I prefer the old stats page. Well pictures sometimes say more than words can. On the left is the scroll-bar when I look at the old stats page. On the right is the new.

Congratulations, you made, for all intents and purposes, a version for small-screen devices. You do know it's possible to target different versions at the appropriate screen-size, right…?

You'd think, wouldn't you, that the kickback against Microsoft's 'But it's wonderful if you have a touch-screen, honest it is' Windows 8 might have taught a few lessons on appropriate targeting of software. Sadly not, it would appear.

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Here's something I'd like to see from my fellow bloggers. If abuse of any kind—violent, sexual, racial, child-abuse, marital abuse, bullying and so on—forms a major theme of any post you make, consider that it's highly possible that at least some readers will be interested in the topic because they're looking for help. I think, therefore, that it's a good idea to add a link and maybe a phone number to a relevant organisation, where such help may be found, to the end of the post. Obviously I can't tell anyone to do this, but I would ask you to consider it.


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