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A Cracked Pot

Brave Sir Bobby's posted again. Ho hum.

Basically it's the same as his previous post. "Your immortal soul is more important than footie, blah-de-blah-de-blah," with some casual racism, re: Germans (mostly, to be fair, attitudes which he’s ascribing to third-parties), thrown in for good measure. I can't find much to say about it really, except to point out that I don't know anyone who, if they believe or were to believe, that souls and damnation exist, would think football more important than avoiding eternal torture. Given which, his point is, well, not very pointy.

Anyways, I said I'd match all his posts so folks, if they wish, can leave copies of comments here, which have mysteriously disappeared there. So this rather perfunctory post fulfils that promise.


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A Watched Pot

Hutton's posted again, this time on the general theme of priorities. (Y'know, I think he may actually have been reading some of my critiques of his posts! Not comprehending, mind—that might be too much to ask, and would probably prove a god exists, by way of being an actual documented miracle in its own right.)

He begins with a little anecdote which, by coincidence, kind of ties in with a few other bits and bobs I've read, watched programmes about and talked about offline lately:

Some weeks ago I witnessed a person get very angry because a kettle had been filled up and boiled for one person. This was a "waste of money". Strictly speaking, it is slightly (very slightly) more expensive to boil a full kettle than a part one (and of course, we mustn't forget the ozone layer, must we!) but what is a few pence compared to eternity?

Forgetting the eternity question for the moment… (more…)

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So Bob Hutton, keen to be seen to be keeping up with the times, has posted on Rolf Harris's conviction for sexual abuse of children. In this, he reminds me of the BBC's stunningly biased "Thought For The Day" strand; pick a topical story, make a few perfunctory non-religious remarks, and then tack God, Buddha, Jesus, or Mohammed onto it.

Anyways, first off, I'd like to point out what Bob doesn't say. (more…)

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Might Makes Right?

The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.
—Thucydides, History Of The Peloponnesian War, 431 BCE

Imagine that I am a park keeper. I'm also the local magistrate. In my position as park keeper, I erect loads of KEEP OFF THE GRASS signs around the park. Then, one day, I follow you around the park, constantly pushing you off the path and onto the grass. In my position as magistrate, I then punish you, your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours for your "crime" of walking on the grass; and all this is done merely in order to show that I have the power to do it.

Would you, Gentle Reader, describe me as a nice person, based on the above? Would you think me a person worthy of your trust, obedience and loyalty? Would you attempt to defend my actions? (more…)

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Bob's worried that plans to make the law stricter in regards to emotional and psychological abuse of children might land evangelists in hot water. He doesn't (surprise surprise) give much detail about what Bill he's talking of, but I assume it's the so-called "Cinderella Law." (Which I can't seem to find much in the way of official documentation on, rather than news stories or blog-posts based on the news stories. If anyone can find anything better, I'd be grateful if they'd drop a link into a comment.)

It seems, from what little I can gather, to be mainly focussed on bringing Britain's laws on child-neglect up to the same sort of standard and reach as laws regarding physical abuses, although other laws will also add further weight and scope to the existing law against Female Genital Mutilation.

The Boy Bobby is worried, though, that as a self-confessed harasser of children in the street, such changes in the law might be stretched to get him hauled off to the local nick for a friendly chat. (more…)

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Right then let's catch up with Bob Hutton, as I've missed three of his posts.

Bob's Bowel Movement The First: "A Warning To All Evangelists (And All Christians, Too!)"

I take this one quite personally, as it's framed as an attack on one of my readers, and constitutes a complaint about things said in the comments on my own blog—and yet Bob doesn't even have the decency to link to the comments in question so that his readers can make their own judgements. Is he, perhaps, afraid that people might think his complaints unfounded? Or is he, perhaps, a discourteous shit-head with no sense of politeness or of moral decency?

I've said this before, Bob, and though you've flatly denied it, you've never actually explained in what way I'm wrong. Failure to give the full facts is lying by omission, and a liar by omission bears false witness just as much as does a liar by commission. Try obeying your own bloody scriptures before complaining that others don't do so.

Anyways, Bob says: (more…)

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Granted, it's a few days old, as I've been otherwise engaged, and it's not very interesting mail, but it is, indubitably, mail. According to Bob Hutton—and I quote—I "will love this." He then provides a link to his blog. Not a blog-entry, you understand. His entire blog. And that's it.

I'm going to assume that he meant to point me at his latest waste of effort. It's just that Bob's grasp of nineteen-nineties technology (you know; interweb links an' stuff) is rather weak. I long-ago asked Bob to stop spamming my email when he makes new posts, but I guess he was so excited about having managed to string a few sentences together that he momentarily forgot that.

(And Bob, for what it's worth, I'm already subscribed to the RSS feed of your blatherings. I do not need a personal reminder whenever you spill your e-ink. I make comments at your blog about some of my posts here, because, in those cases, I have chosen to address your own posts, and letting you know that I've done so is the polite thing to do. I assume that if you wanted to know when I make any post about anything you would subscribe to my blog. Please Bob, enough with the spam, okay?)

So, okay, I'm in a fisking kinda mood, so let's have a look what the Broadstairs Buffoon has to say… (more…)

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