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This isn't a blog-post, per se. I merely want to gather together several answers that I've had to give over and over again in discussions elsewhere during the last few months, so I can just provide a link instead of retyping the damn things, as I say, over and over again.

So, okay, here goes…

No, the court decision was not an attempt to subvert democracy, or to block brexit. The court merely pointed out that article fifty cannot be invoked unless it be by a decision of Parliament. Not the Prime Minister, not the governing party. Parliament. You know, the body you allegedly voted to return power to, thus wresting it from the grasping hands of the Evil EU™. If anyone is currently holding up the process, it is May's government, who are refusing to obey the law of the land in this matter, by not allowing Parliament to act. (This is not new behaviour for May, she having, as Home Secretary, been found to be in contempt of court for refusing to release a time-served prisoner after being expressly instructed by the court to do so.) Talking of which…


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Dear USA,

My country, Britain, has recently attained the much-sought-after position of Laughing-Stock Of The World. Our glorious leader, Saint Theresa May, is working tirelessly to not only maintain this position, but to raise us to such a condition of laughability that we cannot be removed from it. Our heroic gutter press have excelled themselves—even going so far as to resurrect tactics and headlines from Nazi propaganda rags—in their fervour to aid her in this quest.

But we need help from you, USA.

You don't need to do much. Just refrain from voting in an orange-skinned, sexist, racist, xenophobic, self-interested, egotistical, bone-headed, lying, swindling, tiny-fingered self-confessed sexual-molester as president of your country.

You have one job. Vote Clinton. We're counting on you.


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