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1750 Or 2014?

Trying to get some sort of post together, regarding the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, I've been somewhat hampered by time-zone differences and by the rapid nature of what's happened. Several attempts to write something have been scuppered by finding that a zillion other people, on Twitter, Facebook, and many, many blogs, have already said what I'm trying to say. Which wouldn't really matter if I were a US citizen, but a little-known blogger from the wrong side of the pond can't really make much of a difference, so merely repeating what those zillions say would be pretty damn pointless.

On the other hand, I do want to say something, even if all it amounts to is a bit of a fist-bump, as I put it elsewhere, of solidarity. Or maybe as one of hopefully many voices, speaking to racist authoritarians, "This is twenty-fourteen, not nineteen-fourteen. Shit you used to be able to hide from the occasional reporter with his Box Brownie camera, you can't hide from the camera-phones, the Twitter-feeds and the YouTube viewers. The world is watching you now, live and in real-time, whether you ban the official press or not. And we don't like the view." (more…)

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