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Y'see, someone sent me this pdf, and I just had to share! So I did some converty-stuff, and some uploady-stuff, and some linky-stuff, and can now do some, erm, display-y stuff.

What follows is a series of collectors' cards which were enclosed with sweet cigarettes, in 1964. (To anyone under the age of forty or so; yes, they did indeed once make sweets that looked like real cigarettes. They even had a fiery-red tip. On cold mornings when you could see your breath, you could even exhale vast amounts of rather convincing "smoke.")

The Daleks, of course, we all know and love to hate. Apart from Dalek Caan, of course. Who could hate Dalek Caan? If you're wondering who on (or rather, off) Earth the Voord are though, they were the villains in the sixth of the first doctor's adventures, The Keys Of Marinus.

So anyway, here's the cards. Enjoy.


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So I had occasion to look up the spelling of Aldous Huxley's name a while back. (I can never, for some reason, remember whether it's 'Huxley' or 'Huxly.') I did it the obvious way: I typed it into Google, knowing it would correct me if I were wrong. (I wasn't, as it happens.)

Anyways, I learned this strange and interesting fact, from the right-hand side-bar where they put info-results for famous people and the like…

Aldous Huxley, Writer, Aldous Leonard Huxley was an English writer and a prominent member of the famous Huxley family. Best known for his novels including Brave New World and a wide-ranging output of essays, Huxley also edited … Wikipedia

Slight mirth ensued.


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