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A Watched Pot

Hutton's posted again, this time on the general theme of priorities. (Y'know, I think he may actually have been reading some of my critiques of his posts! Not comprehending, mind—that might be too much to ask, and would probably prove a god exists, by way of being an actual documented miracle in its own right.)

He begins with a little anecdote which, by coincidence, kind of ties in with a few other bits and bobs I've read, watched programmes about and talked about offline lately:

Some weeks ago I witnessed a person get very angry because a kettle had been filled up and boiled for one person. This was a "waste of money". Strictly speaking, it is slightly (very slightly) more expensive to boil a full kettle than a part one (and of course, we mustn't forget the ozone layer, must we!) but what is a few pence compared to eternity?

Forgetting the eternity question for the moment… (more…)

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Peter Pan Planet

Throw last year's sofa on the fire;
It's out of date, positively dire!
I think it's time to change the phone
'cause green, you know, is last month's tone.
The car's as old as Nero's lyre;
Why, it's nearly worn through a set of tyres!
And we need to fit the kitchen anew;
The fridge clashes with my new blue shoes.

Peak resources? Get away!
The sun's still up so let's make hay.
Eternal growth, eternal fun!
Tomorrow's sorrows never come!
Forget tomorrow. Come, let's sing,
We want. We want! We want our shiny things!


[Image-source: sciencemuseum.org.uk]

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