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Dear Morrison's supermarket,

What the hell is the point of selling mince pies in a nice Christmassy box, when the use-by date is some time in late November?

Trickle-down economics: the theory that the vast and ever-expanding reservoirs belonging to the extremely rich might one day overflow a little bit. (more…)


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“People Kill People”

Dear Americans,

If "guns don't kill people; people kill people" is true (and I'm not going to argue with that), then here's a thought:

If you really want to stop people killing people, why not try denying people easy access to really easy and efficient methods of killing people? Like—just for the sake of argument, you understand—guns.

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The bad guy fires and fires where ere he might.
It's horrible; he's killing left and right!
But the good guy with a gat—he doesn't fire back!
Too many innocents are in his line of sight.

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