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It Is Rocket Science

Another 'if you've got an hour to kill' post. Season one of Helen Keen's comedy-documentary (docomedy? comumentary?) radio series, It Is Rocket Science, in which she charts, in four quarter-hour snippets, humanity's first faltering steps out into the, erm, ooniverse.

One of my regular searches is for the later series(es?) (there's two others) but so far nobody's obliged by putting them on You Tube, and Auntie Beeb seems, so far, to be uninterested in repeating them (though if you're a comedy fan, their radio comedy section is a good place too check out, with regular rebroadcasts of classics going all the way back to the Goon Show, along with the latest new comedies). If anyone ever spots them somewhere, please let me know.

Three more videos after the jump

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