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Simple As That, Just Like A Cat: Growl

Damnit, I forgotted again!

Every year, I mean to do this, then it gets swallowed up in the preparations for Christmas. So I'm doing it this year anyway, even if belatedly.

December the twenty-third is the anniversary of the birth of one of British rock's most overlooked figures. He had few hits, and never progressed past the Transit-van touring stage. The word "influential" is bandied about so much in rock-umentary circles that it's almost lost any real meaning, but he, along with various incarnations of his backing band, really was influential. And, well, what guitar-based band hasn't mucked about with Shakin' All Over at some time?

So anyways, this one's in memory of Frederick Albert Heath. That's Johnny Kidd, to you. And, of course, the Pirates.


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