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1750 Or 2014?

Trying to get some sort of post together, regarding the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, I've been somewhat hampered by time-zone differences and by the rapid nature of what's happened. Several attempts to write something have been scuppered by finding that a zillion other people, on Twitter, Facebook, and many, many blogs, have already said what I'm trying to say. Which wouldn't really matter if I were a US citizen, but a little-known blogger from the wrong side of the pond can't really make much of a difference, so merely repeating what those zillions say would be pretty damn pointless.

On the other hand, I do want to say something, even if all it amounts to is a bit of a fist-bump, as I put it elsewhere, of solidarity. Or maybe as one of hopefully many voices, speaking to racist authoritarians, "This is twenty-fourteen, not nineteen-fourteen. Shit you used to be able to hide from the occasional reporter with his Box Brownie camera, you can't hide from the camera-phones, the Twitter-feeds and the YouTube viewers. The world is watching you now, live and in real-time, whether you ban the official press or not. And we don't like the view." (more…)


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Dear internet,

Just a quick note to let you, the internet, know that I have zero interest in which bunch of overpaid, coddled "national heroes" manage to kick a fake pig's bladder into a large net more often than any given opposing bunch of overpaid, coddled "national heroes."

Furthermore, having used your services for some time now, I am capable, all on my own, of finding and subscribing to various services which would inform me of the current bladder→net statistics, should I wish to do so. Your constant emails and other messages informing me of such options are, therefore, both unneeded and, quite frankly, patronising. Please stop.

Thank you,


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A Letter To The Editor

Uncle Joe woke up today and cast a bleary eye
Upon the awful, godless world, and gave a little sigh;
And, feeling rather grumpy, took up a pen to scribe
A letter to the editor. Twas published, by and by.
"I didn't do it gov'nor. It wasn't me!" he lied,
"And by the way that Dawkins bloke can only write sci-fi!"


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Baby-News Blues

"… that, according to unnamed sources, a small group of backbench Tory MPs are considering making an official complaint about political bias in the royal family, citing Her Royal Highness's apparent decision to go into Labour.

"And now we go live, to James Windsor-Arselich, standing outside The Palace for no apparent reason, for some breaking news."

"… Well you could've told me before, that it was undone! Shit, no time! Just film me from the waist up, fer Chrissakes!

"Thank you Quentin.


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A few items which were too short to merit separate posts.

If you feel the need to add the words "no offence intended" to the end of a statement, please stop and consider the fact that this means you've just made an offensive statement, and that you know you've just made an offensive statement. Here's a novel thought: try not saying the offensive thing, if you really wish to avoid offence.


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