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Giles Fraser On Objectivity

I can't shake the feeling that, in these circumstances, screaming is the most rational thing to do.
Giles Fraser

I have no idea how many times I've found myself wanting to write something about the Israel–Palestine situation. How many sentences and paragraphs have arranged themselves in my head, only to be discarded as not good enough, clear enough, descriptive enough. Quite simply, it deserves prose better than I seem to be able to apply to it.

So, okay, having had something of a go at one of Giles Fraser's efforts in the Grauniad a while back, it only seems fair that when he produces something as good as this, I should point that out too. And so, Gentle Reader, I have.



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If Britain was declared by U.N. resolution to be the rightful home of anyone who could trace their ancestry back to the ancient British Celts, that these "modern Celts," wherever in the world they happen to currently abide, had the "right" to "settle" my land and force me into a ghetto, to do to a map of my country what has been done to the above map of Palestine…

Would you claim that the roots of my hostility toward these invaders—oh, I'm sorry, "settlers"—lay in the soil of religion, not territory or politics?


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