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Every now and again, I get the urge to put up a photo of some vaguely interesting thing, then decide that, no, it's not really interesting enough to base a blog-post on. On the other hand, they are still vaguely interesting, so here's a (very) small collection of them, posted in the hope that I'll gain by quantity what is lost in quality. Ho-hum.

This one was taken this very afternoon. Our garden is fairly well protected from the worst of the weather, and at the same time is at the south side of the house, so we're maybe a smidgen ahead of the trend here, but… Spring has most definitely sprung! Yay!

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This one is pretty-well self explanatory. How unlucky can you get?

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And here's a bit of DIY/make-do-and-mend I did a while back. I wanted a reading-light over my bed, with a string-operated pull-switch, so that I don't have to stir myself too much to switch it off, when the book starts to flop out of my hand and my eyes begin to close. (Just the act of doing so can wake me right back up again, an' I hate that.)

The case is an old trinket-box I've had for years. It held odds-and-ends like dice, drawing-pins, old keys; all the usual small clutter. A bit of light polishing took just enough of the patina off to leave an interesting highlighted-grain effect.

The light-fitting was off a broken lamp, the pull-switch was kicking around in the attic doing nothing, and the magnetic catch (Obligatory safety warning: I'd recommend nailing the box shut, if anyone wants to do the same, and has kids in their lives) was one of a multi-pack we'd bought because we needed two elsewhere. Total immediate cost: 70p for the light-bulb—though if I can ever find an old Bakelite or brass pull-switch, I might fork out enough to replace the modern plastic; there's a certain "early years of electricity" look to it that I think would be enhanced by an older-looking switch. (Oh, and yes; I've since added an earth-lead.)

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And finally, this is part of why I like living in a smallish town. In the opposite direction, behind me as I was taking the photo, the town centre is five minutes' walk away. In front of me, this. I really don't think I'd want to live anywhere where the countryside was too far away to be within practical walking distance.

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Here's a minor puzzle. We live best end of a half a mile from the nearest open water, so how on Earth did this dragonfly come to be sunning itself in our back garden?

Still an' all, I took the chance to snap some hasty pictures on my phone. (My mum got the best one—just as the clouds broke and direct sunlight glistened off the insect's wings—but the USB lead for her camera appears to have gone walkies. Grr.)


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