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I’m Back (I Think)

I must admit it came as a bit of a shock to see that it's nigh-on a month since I posted anything. Ho-hum. Suffice to say I've been kinda busy. The only times I've touched the computer have been when I've wanted to watch programmes on iPlayer, which mostly makes programmes available for a week, which means any essential TV (currently Only Connect, University Challenge, Doctor Who, Horizon and Mastermind) has to be caught up with within that time-frame, or I either miss it or end up resorting to more … erm … extra-legal means of obtaining them. Other than that, it's been either work or sleep for the most part.

I really should have kept a check on my email though. Even after deleting items from blogs which tend to be purely of-the-minute topical (I read most of the blogs I subscribe to in Thunderbird), I'm still left with a bewildering five hundred-odd to at least glance at. Yes, I really should make more of an effort to organise my mail into folders, too, for ease of sorting in such situations. *sigh*


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