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And how to resize a YouTube video

In the previous post, I talked about how to apply border and box-shadow styles to a picture. Now I'll show you how to apply that to a div, so as to add a caption to the picture. Before that, though, a tip:

We're going to be nesting elements now, and adding complications always adds ways to screw up. The most common fubar when nesting elements is when closing tags get omitted or placed out of order. Just think how many times you've seen messed up nested blockquotes on comments-boards! The best way to avoid that is to always type the end tag straight after the opening one, then put the cursor back in the middle and start typing the content. If you then need to nest another element inside the one you just created, typing both tags together will ensure that you can't forget to close summat.

Now that’s out of the way, let's revisit our manic-looking rabbit. When we left him, he had a nice border with an interesting 3-D shadow effect. But no caption:


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