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Dear Professor Dawkins,
Here's some advice for you.
On subjects you've learned nothing of,
Shut up until you do.

It was the feminists who raised my consciousness of the power of consciousness-raising.
—Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, 2006

The REAL rape culture: 'All occurrences of sexual intercourse are rape unless there is certified evidence to the contrary.'

The irony; it bites.


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And so, Gentle Reader, Richard Dawkins has published a not-pology in relation to his latest utterances on child-abuse. I say "not-pology" because mostly, to me, it reads more like a doubling-down coupled with an aggrieved whine about expecting to be read by "reasonable" people. That is to say, people who agree with his views. It was his expectation of who would read it which was wrong, not what he said. Because, obviously, to reasonable people, it would have been "obvious" that he was playing down his own "mild" encounter with a paedophile in order to spare the feelings of the worse-abused. Thus either missing or ignoring entirely, the fact that his dismisal of dirty old men shoving their hands down young children's underwear as in any way "mild," was the point of many of the objections to his blunder.

But, no matter how kindly, or not, one might wish to read his 'pology, there's a huge and glaring omission. This is not a one-off. There is context. And that context is his continued assertion that teaching kids about Hell is worse than "mild paedophilia." Both "mild" and "worse" being defined by reference to his personal scale of relative badness-of-effect.

But before we get into that, I'd like… no, "like" isn't the word. I'm going to introduce you to Hell, as perceived by me.

(Trigger warning: fairly graphic description of child-abuse follows.)


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