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Since I'm now an over-fifty, I'm officially old enough to make posts about how youngsters these days don't know how lucky they are, compared to the days of my yoof, when we had to make our own entertainment out of clods of earth, pocket-fluff and string (the hairy Post Office kind). And since I was wittering on, a while back, about it being a good thing that vinyl makes cherry-picking of favourite tracks more difficult, let's consider what we did when we did want to have a bunch of favourites play one after the other.

These days, of course, creating a playlist is easy. Drag 'n' drop as many files as you want into your preferred music playing program, re-order to taste, and Bob's yer aunty's significant other; one playlist, created in seconds or minutes. And if you like the list enough, you can save it as a playlist file (.m3u or whatever), and have your very own compilation album, available for your listening pleasure at a couple of mouse-clicks. And there's no limit on the duration of the thing, either. (Billy music player* informs me that a playlist consisting of all of the contents of my main music folder, for instance, is three weeks, five days, twelve hours, forty-seven minutes and twenty-nine seconds long.)



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Sod The Bloomin’ Beatles!

Something that annoys me, as a lifelong fan of 1950s rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, r 'n' b and so on, is the way that any and every TV or radio documentary on the music of that period—and especially British music—manages to insinuate that it was all just a kind of precursor to the Beatles and their single-handed re-invention of rock music. And they probably invented the 1960s pretty-much on their own too. Without them, so we're led to understand, music would have died sometime around 1963.

British rock 'n' roll and related music of the period was very much alive and well, thank you very much, and just once I'd like to watch a documentary on the subject which treats the music of the period with the respect it's due in its own right; and which doesn't end on the line, spoken in an awed tone, "And in a club in Liverpool, four young men were getting ready to change everything…"

Anyways, having done my part in talking about '50s Brit music without mentioning the dreaded mop-tops by, erm, mentioning them—ahem—here's six slices of rock 'n' roll from the period, all hailing from this side of the pond. Well, I say rock 'n' roll, but… (more…)

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