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Did you know the floods were caused by gays
And immigrants jam the motorways?
That bigots need to be represented,
And maternity leave should be resented?
Don't let us see breastfeeding mums!
There's no link twixt crime and guns.
Bring back caning in our schools!
That Hitler bloke; he weren't no fool.
Incest follows if gays tie the knot!
Foreign medics are clumsy clots.
World war two was caused by Jews!
Breivik's thesis was full of truths.
Exercise stops you turning gay!
Slum-landlords are totes okay.
HIV? You got it on purpose!
The biggest waste is our health service.

We're not bigots, we just state facts.
We're not racist, we just hate blacks.
We're not tryin' to cause a big sensation;
Just workin' for a straight white nation.


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