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Evidence, Schmevidence

This was prompted by an exchange under my recent piece, Militancy. I get so sick of being promised evidence and given moonbeams, that I thought I'd write a little guide to anyone wanting to try to present me with evidence for their god's existence. Want to convert an ebil atheist to to Path Of Righteousness?™ Here's some major pitfalls to avoid.



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A Message For Bob Hutton


As you've repeatedly ignored private requests to this effect, I'm going to say this publicly, in hopes that embarrassment might work where politeness has failed.

You have nothing more to say which might interest me. You do not attempt to engage, but rather prefer to spout meaningless platitudes and Biblical claptrap. You talk at people, not with them. Until you change this attitude, please do me the favour of—how can I say this politely?—fucking off, and stop using the private message form on my About page as a way to spam my personal email with links to your ill-thought-out and nonsensical blog posts.

Besides, it's already well-established that you're not really interested in saving anyone's putative soul. You merely like to spout off.

Do you really get so little traffic that you feel the need to resort to spamming folk's email? I suggest you stop a while and think about why that may be.

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Some weeks ago, I posted a piece on what appears to be a growing trend of anti-intellectualism, which I rather (ahem) tactfully titled Is The USA On The Verge Of Becoming A Third-World Country? I've always felt a little uneasy about it, given that I could be seen as little more than an outsider taking a snide cheap shot, though that was never the intention.

Then I came across this gem by an American, Max Gross, who seems to feel much the same way, and also—damnit!—writes rather better than I do. If you have a few minutes, I heartily recommend it.

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Okay, so I was checking the site-stats and I misread the title of my article, The Biblical Creationist's Song. I only misread one letter, mind, but here's the result:

The biblical creationist's bong
Gives a smoke that is cool and strong.
It warps your brain
'Til you're nearly insane.
Common sense says 'good-bye, so long!'


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Salmon leaping up a waterfall

Some leaping salmon. No, I'm not going to explain. Either you got it or you didn't.
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I've written a few times, about faith and why it's a vice, not the virtue that religions promote it as (most notably here). I'd like to discuss the opposite now, Gentle Reader, and consider the idea that doubt is a virtue, rather than the vice which religion portrays it as. And I'll start with a short digression about the killjoy who 'tried to ban Christmas' and yada yada, Oliver Cromwell.


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Pea-Eating Infidels!

A bowl of peas

A quick question for those who think same-sex marriage is sinful and should be banned by law…

If I belonged to a religion which preached that eating peas on a Thursday is sinful, would you support my attempt to have the eating of peas on Thursdays made illegal?

No? Then you're a hypocrite.

Yes? Then you're either a liar or a fool.

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I blog on atheism.

This makes me a loudmouthed, militant, fundamentalist atheist, apparently.

In 'real life,' if asked my views on religion, I will give my view: that religion is based on an unevidenced—and in all likelihood unprovable—premise, that the promotion of faith in place of reason is inherently harmful and suchlike statements, depending how deep the conversation, if any, gets. If asked. I don't shout my disbelief on streetcorners, or hawk it door to door. I'm merely honest about my disbelief in gods if the topic arises.

This makes me a loudmouthed, militant, fundamentalist atheist, apparently.


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