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Everything Louder Than Everything Else

So, Lemmy died—and just a few weeks after Phil Taylor.

Here's a few favourites of mine, mostly, erm, of a certain age; rather like myself. Crack open the Jack Daniels (or, indeed, anything with mind-altering properties; no need to be fussy) turn the volume up to "window-shattering," and enjoy.

Lemmy and Phil. They will be missed.


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All I Want For Christmas Is…

… a new power-supply for the PC. And I got one! Yay for me!

And sitting on my virtual desktop is a several-month-old Word document containing the first two paragraphs of what was obviously intended to be my next post. Except I have no bloody idea whatsoever what it was supposed to be about.

So, erm.

So okay, here's summat that's been sticking in my craw for most of this month. David Cameron's disgusting comment to the effect that anyone who thinks we shouldn't be bombing ISIS (or whatever we're s'posed to be calling them this week) in Syria is a "terrorist sympathiser."


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