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If you have a few quid to spare, this looks to be an eminently worthy cause.

A UK Charity owner stood on stage in Uganda calling for the Death Penalty for LGBTs. How & why is this allowed to occur & go unquestioned?

Please help fund this documentary against western backed homophobia in Uganda. Please give what you can & share


Western evangelicals from the UK and US have been preaching hate in Uganda which has led to anti-gay legislation that has caused extreme persecution of the LGBT community and led to an increase in violence, rape and murder. It has also led to a rise in HIV infection rates as people no longer have access to health care.

A new law promised as a "Christmas present" to the people of Uganda makes it illegal to provide employment, housing, transport and even health care to members of the LGBT community.

Please donate what you can to help expose the murderous hatred of these western evangelicals and the vile propaganda they tell to the Ugandan people to perpetuate the hatred of and violence towards an already persecuted minority.

The previous bill passed in December 2013 and signed by President Museveni in February 2014 was annulled by the constitutional court on a technicality (not the required quorum) in August. The MPs all signed a petition to bring it back and a draft of a new bill has been leaked. This new bill has been promised as a Christmas present (2014) just like the old one was in December 2012 and includes harsher clauses than the original bill and equates homosexuality to bestiality.

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God Was Never On Your Side

So I got a 'Bah humbug' comment on my little Christmas Calloway Day post. Turns out it was donotwash's birthday yesterday. And also Lemmy's. Which, well, any excuse, right?

No one would accuse Lemmy of being the world's greatest holder of a tune, but there is a pleasant vulnerability to his voice when he makes music of a less-shouty style than is his normal wont. So here's three rather less frenetic than usual numbers featuring Mr Kilminster. And a belated happy birthday to donotwash.


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Happy Calloway Day

To Quentin Crisp and Jesus Christ;
I hope your birthday turns out nice.
To Anne Roiphe and to Clara Barton,
Shane MacGowan, Isaac Newton,
Christopher Frayling, Sissy Spacek,
Annie Lennox too, by 'eck!
Humphry Bogart and Rod Serling,
Lew Grade, Dido, Hilary Spurling;
To all those born upon this day
Good cheer!, and here's Cab Calloway.


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Is this the launch that faced a thousand attack-ships
Off the shoulder of some far-off star?
We're gonna need a bigger boat than that if we're
To make the Kessel run in three shots under par.
Tell Titty, bring a five pound note for wrapping
More money and some honey (for preference, in a jar),
For we're off to shoot the rapids, down by Xanadu-on-Sea,
Where 'alf a sacred river runs, down to a sea unlit by sun
Where Rose and Charlie plan to catch the Königin Luise.


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Okay, so here's the 'pro-life' premise:

A foetus is a person, and abortion is therefore murder.

Which doesn't really get us very far, as it doesn't address the pro-choice premise, which is:

Even if we were to consider the foetus to be a person, no person has the right to the use of another person's body, even in cases where they need it in order to survive.

So in order to balance this, we need to add the unspoken but implied clause into the 'pro-life' argument:

A foetus is a person whose right to life trumps the right to bodily autonomy of its host. Killing this person is murder, therefore, even if the host cites her own right to bodily autonomy.

Now both statements are addressing the same problem. But here's where we hit a snag… (more…)

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I have no problem as long as we achieve our objective. And our objective is to get the guys who did 9/11 and it is to avoid another attack against the United States.
—Dick Cheney

Liberty built on tyranny
Is freedom only in name,
And a land defended by thumbscrews
Is a land where freedom don't reign. (more…)

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Any Excuse…

I've decided my liver's satanic.
Spreading evil's its chosen career.
So I'm taking a stand
And I've drawn up a plan.
I shall kill it with bourbon and beer.


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