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Halloween: Three

Another one-band post. Here’s three from The Meteors; the first, and many (though not me) still say only true psychobilly band. As with the Demented post, I’ve tried to provide a mix of styles.


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Zombiethon: The Invevitable Trashy Sequel

I couldn’t let this pass! It’s like a challenge to my psychobilly cred. Or something.

Okay, it’s an excuse to post videos of songs that most people will think me insane for liking, and probably cause bleeding from the eardrums of anyone with anything like refined musical taste. Happy now?

This one’s from the Meteors, and it’s either their first or second record-release, in 1981, the Meteor Madness EP—the soundtrack from a short movie they made. (Possibly Graveyard Stomp b/w The Radioactive Kid came out first; memory fails me, but this was the first song I remember hearing by them.)

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