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Oh, what an exciting life I lead. My first post, in the early AM of the first day of the year, and what is the topic? Coding. Woohoo! Happy New Year!


Following a Computer Cock-Up Of Monumental Proportions, which I might or might not expand—or, indeed, expound—upon in a later post, I ended up upgrading from Office 2003 to Office 2010 a couple of weeks back. Anyone who remembers the experience of changing from the menu-based to the ribbon-based interface will, I hope, understand and sympathise with my profound sense of, erm, call it culture shock. Not only that, but I lost not only all the customisations and macros I'd made to Word over the years, but also the back-ups of same, which were on a USB hard-drive which got wiped during the course of the CCUOMP. (It's pronounced "queue-omp.")


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