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The address bar containing an RSS icon

A recent post by the Inactive Activist reminded me that I'd planned on a few freeware-related posts, so here's the first of them. A pretty short one to start with.

I love RSS, and it was something of a blow when Mozilla removed the RSS icon that used to appear in the address bar (now known, somewhat grandiosely, as the 'Awesome Bar' ) when you visited a site that offered the service. It's part of a trend I've noticed, roughly since they stepped up the frequency of updates and new versions, that they often take the route of telling the user what the user wants, rather than offering a choice to make the customisation.

Anyway, this handy addon puts the RSS icon back where you want it, so you don't have to hunt around the page looking for subscription options.

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Spell Chequers

Originally posted, 21 May 11. (I’ll post summat new soon, I promise!

Divided By A Common LanguageAs the subject of browser spellcheckers has come up in several conversations lately, I thought I’d give a quick run-down, for each of the major browsers, of how to install the relevant dictionary for your preferred language, so that words like ‘honour/honor’ get treated correctly. After all, there’s no point in having a spellchecker if it defaults to a brand of English that doesn’t agree with your local variant.

As far as I can tell, none of the following, except Safari and Internet Explorer (there’s always an ‘except’ for Microsoft’s particular piece of awfulness), are system-specific, though there might be minor variations in wording. Certainly Firefox—the only one I have available to test on a Linux system—is exactly the same on Ubuntu as it is on Windows.


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Originally posted, 15 May 11. I’ve made a few changes to this one, rather than post it as-is, because Google’s ever-increasing desire to mess with our heads had led to them changing a few things; especially as regards Instant Preview, as the Greasemonkey script I originally offered didn’t work with the all-new tweaked version.

Daz gets annoyed by trivial shit again…

Google, over the years, have added various ‘helpful’ features to their search page. Now, I’m all in favour of being helped, but their idea and mine of what help I need seem to be somewhat at odds. The things I would really want would be exclusion of pages containing certain phrases from the results, or methods of narrowing my search within the results of the previous search. What I’m presented with are annoying drop-down lists, and ‘instant previews’ that pop up distractingly. These things can be turned off, but if you’re remotely fastidious about cleaning out cookies and other junk-files, you’ll find yourself having to edit search preferences on a regular basis. Yes, some people might find these things useful. Fine, but surely the obvious option would be for the extras to be turned off by default, rather than on. Anyway, that’s my obligatory rant out of the way. Here’s how to turn off some of the added-extras permanently.


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