Here's a thought…

The maximum amount of energy available to God is the combined energy content of everything which exists.

If God is all-powerful, then his maximum possible energy output must be greater than the combined energy content of everything which exists.

Therefore God is a perpetual motion machine.

Therefore God cannot exist.

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The Archer’s Paradox

I know naff all about archery, but this is a fascinating little glimpse. And, sod all being what I know, I shall not ponificate. Enjoy the video. I did.

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What Potent Blood Hath Modest May

So let me get this straight. Saint Theresa's Super-Dooper Top Secret Plan, the poker hand she couldn't discuss in parliament for fear of letting the Evil Europeans see its complete, opposition-crushing awesomeness, was:

  1. Demand the whole damn pie
  2. Hope you'll be lucky enough to be allowed a slice or two when the shoutin's done

Uhuh. Pure, unadulterated genius.

[Source of title: Ralph Waldo Emerson, May-Day]

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A post for anyone who uses Get IPlayer on Windows XP or Vista.

If you've installed the latest update—necessary 'cause Auntie Beeb changed some stuff—you'll most probably have received this message, when trying to use it:

ffmpeg.exe – Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point GetNumaNodeProcessorMaskEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.

Then you'll probably have found that after you've clicked OK on the warning message the several times it appears, it'll still download the TV programme, but it won't convert it to mp4 format. Which is a bit of a bugger. As is the fact that the help forum's rules state that XP and Vista aren't supported; and they seem to apply that rule rather strictly. (I understand why the developers might not want to have to keep trying to find fixes for old systems, but personally, I don't see why a thread couldn't be kept open for ordinary XP and Vista users to share advice amongst themselves. Ah well, their site—their rules.)

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Certain shenanigans surrounding aircraft carriers, this week, put me in a nautical kind of mood. So I bunged a load of songs on that theme together in a video format and uploaded 'em onto YouTube. And here, Gentle Reader, is the result. Thirty-three songs of a nautical bent. About half of them are the rockabilly most long-time readers have probably learned to expect from me, but the other half… Well, there's the Spinners, the Toy Dolls, the Andrews Sisters and the Band Of Her Majesty's Royal Marines, to name but a few. It's a rather strange mix but rather fun, I think.

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It's a thing which annoyed me a little until I found out that users of later (2010 and on) versions of M/S Word than mine could do it. Then, while it still would never have featured anywhere near my top ten list of Most Annoying Things Ever, the green-eyed god on my be-chipped shoulder certainly hoisted it several feet further up the flag-pole of pesky annoyances….

If you have a macro which makes multiple changes, each of them is added to the undo stack separately, which means, obviously, that you have to hit the undo button or Ctrl+Z multiple times to undo those changes. Which is kind of a bugger if you're unsure how many changes it actually made, either 'cause you've forgotten the workings of the macro or 'cause there's a few if…then clauses in there.

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Some Thoughts On Easter Monday

If he wanted to show forgiveness
Could he not just have said "I forgive"?
To show the path to redemption, have said,
"Here's how I want you to live…"?
If he needed to show us a sign could he not
Have gouged it into the Earth's very rock?
Did he need to paint it in agony
By having a scapegoat nailed to a tree?


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