Take a gander, Gentle Reader, at the face of a complete and utter prat.

Susan-Anne White

Says the Daily Mirror

Susan-Anne White is running for election in West Tyrone, Northern Ireland, as an independent candidate. Her manifesto has appeared on social media in the last few days and it's pretty shocking.

And I suppose it is to anyone whose capacity for shock at the words of right-wing evangelist noodle-pates hasn't been raised through constant exposure to same. I really do wish I still found crap like this shocking. I still find it awful, but sadly there's nary a shock to be found.

As posted on her blog, The Truth Shall Set You Free, here's her manifesto:

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Another music-ey post; this one, though, off the back of some great news. Well, it's news to me anyway, though several months old. Following the news, a while back, that Wilko Johnson had been given mere months to live, after being diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer, I'd been waiting for the seemingly inevitable sad news, but hadn't been searching for that news, as that would have felt somewhat ghoulish.

Well, it turns out he announced last October that he's cancer free, following radical surgery:

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In Balk

So, Gentle Reader, it's that time o' year again. The World Snooker Championship is on. As ever, I'm doing a themed music post based on it. Unlike previous times, when I've gone with the idea of 'colours,' the theme this year is basically, anything you can think of that can be twisted to represent a part of the game of snooker. Or, to make things a bit easier, reference to any billiards-type game will do.

Here's my six. You got any you could add? Please feel free to do so!

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In October 2013, 366 migrants died when their boat caught fire and sank off the coast of Lampedusa. Less than a year later, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported that 500 migrants were feared dead after their ship was rammed by another boat near Malta. News of this sinking emerged as an additional ship carrying 200 people sank off the coast of Libya. Sadly, these are not isolated incidents. In 2014, up to 3,072 migrants are believed to have died in the Mediterranean, compared with an estimate of 700 in 2013. Globally, IOM estimates that at least 4,077 migrants died in 2014, and at least 40,000 since the year 2000. The true number of fatalities is likely to be higher, as many deaths occur in remote regions of the world and are never recorded. Some experts have suggested that for every dead body discovered, there are at least two others that are never recovered.
[International Organization for Migration (pdf)]

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Did you know the floods were caused by gays
And immigrants jam the motorways?
That bigots need to be represented,
And maternity leave should be resented?
Don't let us see breastfeeding mums!
There's no link twixt crime and guns.
Bring back caning in our schools!
That Hitler bloke; he weren't no fool.
Incest follows if gays tie the knot!
Foreign medics are clumsy clots.
World war two was caused by Jews!
Breivik's thesis was full of truths.
Exercise stops you turning gay!
Slum-landlords are totes okay.
HIV? You got it on purpose!
The biggest waste is our health service.

We're not bigots, we just state facts.
We're not racist, we just hate blacks.
We're not tryin' to cause a big sensation;
Just workin' for a straight white nation.

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Bobby McFerrin

I just spent an hour and forty minutes watching Bobby McFerrin. So now, Gentle Reader, you must—must, I say!—do the same. Because, quite frankly, the bloke is awsomeness personified.

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I have this thing about unusual musical instruments, and especially home-made ones. Well, I like home made anything to be honest; bodges and make-do's that do the job just as well for a fraction of the cost of a shiny new, mass produced item.

So here's seven musical bodges, some of which have been around for so long that they've acquired a somewhat iconic status as kinds of instruments in their own right, and some of which are actually the fore-runners of what, I suspect with some sadness, many people would term ‘proper’ instruments.

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