So, I was kinda struck by this…

Jonny Scaramanga

The Toy Dolls, ten Years Of Dolls album cover

Only one question remains… Is Olga or Jonny Scaramanga the secret identity?

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Time for another music post, methinks. Six songs on the general theme of 'toys.' Because I need summat fun, after that slavery stuff. Any suggestions by commenters are, as ever, heartily welcome.

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[Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6.]

Permit me, oh gentlest of readers, to emit a small yeehaw. If pushed, I might even manage a mini-hallelujah. And definitely a large and stentorian ramen!

I reached the end of that horrible book! This, below, is the final instalment of Bible Defense Of Slavery!

There's still work to be done. When Rustiguzzi, may his bike remain forever upright, catches up with my sudden burst of productivity, there'll be errata to, erm, un-errat. The formatting for the blog version was kind of rough-and-ready; I'll be spending some time tweaking that into something I'd be proud—or at least unashamed—to let the world see, before converting to e-book formats. There's some artwork to apply (a cover-image, and a cleaned up version of the frontispiece), which is currently in Fojap's capable hands.

But the hard slog is done and dusted, may FSM be thanked!

So, okay, the content below…

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The Heavenly Firewall

You ask me how I know my wrong from right,
Without a godly heaven-proffered moralistic guide?
What stops me robbing people, causing fights,
Why don't I murder, lacking God and Jesus at my side?

Well my friend I surely hope you keep your faith in God,
For if all that stops you pillaging is Biblical instruction,
I wouldn't want to be there if you lost your staff and rod,
If they are all that hold you back from violent eruption.

Your questions tell me much of you, more than they ask of me.
They tell me what you think you'd do, if you were only free
Of thoughts of hellish torture as punishment for crime.
That mote's in your eye, matey, not in mine.

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[Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5.]

And so we come, Gentle Reader, to the publisher's addition to the sixth edition of Bible Defense Of Slavery. It takes a more political stand than the main body of the work, presumably because by the time this edition went to press, the topic of slavery itself, and various grudges against the northern states, had become even more hot button issues. Topics range from (obviously) slavery itself, and the allegedly highly benevolent treatment of slaves, to a proposal to forcibly settle freed slaves in Liberia or elsewhere. (Liberia had been a voluntary destination for some freed slaves since eighteen-twenty, when the American Colonization Society set up a colony there.) (Because, well, blacks are okay when in slavery, and there's 'mutual respect' an' all, but free blacks are economy-draining scum no self respecting white person would want to share a society with. This, possibly, is one of the earliest iterations of 'Send 'em all back…,' a staple of racist and xenophobic rhetoric ever since. There's even a hint of 'I'm not racist but…' about it, for good measure.) Continue Reading »

[Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.]

And so we come, Gentle Reader, to sections Thirteen, Fourteen And Fifteen of the 1851 edition of Josiah Priest's Bible Defence Of Slavery. And we also reach the end of Priest's contribution to the work, though not the end of the book, which contains 'additions' in the form of a piece by the publisher and pamphlets from several other contributors. But this does seem to be a convenient place to pause and take stock.

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Having observed, with some amusement, a few arguments as to whether Matthew or Luke is correct, regarding Jesus's line of paternal ancestry, I thought I'd save you Christian folks some stress and botheration, as you seem to be missing a rather glaring point. And 'cause I'm nice like that.

Genealogy of Jesus
according to

  1. God
  2. Adam
  3. Seth
  4. Enos
  5. Cainan
  6. Maleleel
  7. Jared
  8. Enoch
  9. Mathusala
  10. Lamech
  11. Noe
  12. Shem
  13. Arphaxad
  14. Cainan
  15. Sala
  16. Heber
  17. Phalec
  18. Ragau
  19. Saruch
  20. Nachor
  21. Thara
  22. Abraham
  23. Isaac
  24. Jacob
  25. Juda
  26. Phares
  27. Esrom
  28. Aram
  29. Aminadab
  30. Naasson
  31. Salmon
  32. Booz
  33. Obed
  34. Jesse
  35. David
  36. Nathan
  37. Mattatha
  38. Menan
  39. Melea
  40. Eliakim
  41. Jonam
  42. Joseph
  43. Judah
  44. Simeon
  45. Levi
  46. Matthat
  47. Jorim
  48. Eliezer
  49. Jose
  50. Er
  51. Elmodam
  52. Cosam
  53. Addi
  54. Melchi
  55. Neri
  56. Salathiel
  57. Zorobabel
  58. Rhesa
  59. Joanna
  60. Juda
  61. Joseph
  62. Semei
  63. Mattathias
  64. Maath
  65. Nagge
  66. Esli
  67. Naum
  68. Amos
  69. Mattathias
  70. Joseph
  71. Janna
  72. Melchi
  73. Levi
  74. Matthat
  75. Heli
  76. Joseph
  77. Jesus
Genealogy of Jesus
according to

  1. Abraham
  2. Isaac
  3. Jacob
  4. Judah
  5. Perez
  6. Hezron
  7. Ram
  8. Amminadab
  9. Nahshon
  10. Salmon
  11. Boaz
  12. Obed
  13. Jesse
  14. David
  15. Solomon
  16. Rehoboam
  17. Abijam
  18. Asa
  19. Jehosaphat
  20. Jehoram
  21. Uzziah
  22. Jotham
  23. Ahaz
  24. Hezekiah
  25. Manasseh
  26. Amon
  27. Josiah
  28. Jeconiah
  29. Shealtiel
  30. Zerubbabel
  31. Abiud
  32. Eliakim
  33. Azor
  34. Zadok
  35. Achim
  36. Eliud
  37. Eleazar
  38. Matthan
  39. Jacob
  40. Joseph
  41. Jesus
Genealogy of Jesus
according to

  1. God
  2. Jesus

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