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So, I was kinda struck by this…

Jonny Scaramanga

The Toy Dolls, ten Years Of Dolls album cover

Only one question remains… Is Olga or Jonny Scaramanga the secret identity?


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Gawd but that bloke gets around. A heads-up for those in the UK: He's on Newsnight tonight at ten thirty. But probably not talking about important things like rocket-assisted lions, damnit.

That is all. You may now return to whatever you were doing.
Daz (more…)

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Helping my uncle move house on Thursday, I was sat in the passenger-seat of the moving van, when a strangely familiar voice appeared on Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show. Jonny Scaramanga, on national radio, talking about ACE! You can listen to it here. (Starts at about 1:09, and I'm fairly sure radio programmes on iPlayer are available world-wide, unlike TV programmes.) There's also an accompanying written story on the BBC website.

And, of course, you really should be following Jonny's blog, Leaving Fundamentalism, where you can find way more details on the subject of faith-schools in general, and the more fundamentalist kind in particular.

He's still a rank amateur where standy-uppy hairstyles are concerned though.

[Me, when I had standy-uppy hair]

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