They Won’t Stay Dead! 04

The first of tonight's Halloween offerings comes from The Guana Batz, while the second is a more metaphorical take on the subject from The Horrorpops.

Don't forget, Gentle Reader, that tomorrow night's will also be a Friday Night Is Music Night post; which would never be complete without suggestions from your good selves. For now though, I have to go. I need to exhume the body of Screamin' Lord Sutch at precisely midnight, for use in a ritual best left undescribed…

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They Won’t Stay Dead! 03

Tonight's deathly duo of Halloween-flavoured songs come from Dave Edmunds and The Kings Of Outer Space. Sleep tight, kiddiewinkses!

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Upon His throne, the Lord was bored one Tuesday afternoon.
He looked for some amusement, to lighten up His gloom.
"Hey, Satan," He did boast in Lordly style. "See that chap with all the riches?
He's the kind what makes it all worth while, loves Me from wig to britches."
Satan took a gander, yawned; he wasn't well-impressed.
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They Won’t Stay Dead! 02

Tonight's offerings of Halloween horror come from Round Robin and The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. Enjoy!

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They Won’t Stay Dead! 01

As the countdown to Halloween begins, here's the first of five nightly posts of a musical nature. Tonight's offerings are from The Spectres and Thee Flatliners.

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A Shouty-Casty-Musicy Thingy

Well here's a thing. I was mucking about finding out how Shoutcast internet radio works, and I seem to have actually set up my own broadcast.

I don't own a microphone, so it's just a matter of playing music in Winamp, but hey-ho. I'm having a bit of a music day anyway so I may as well just leave the plug-in running. If anyone's interested in the sort of stuff I listen to when I'm just browsing my collection and picking out tracks as they catch my eye, feel free to have a listen and scoff at my appalling taste…

(Warning, some lyrics probably NSFW.)

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The Calvary Hill Square Dance

I was watching a documentary a while back in which the fact that some non-European civilisation or other (probably the Inca) practiced human sacrifice was expounded upon in such a way that we, the audience, were obviously supposed to be shocked out of our oh-so-civilised skins. Well, huh? The makers should have taken a look at the central myth of the major European religion. A religion which is considered perfectly reasonable and unshocking.

So anyway, I wrote what turned out to have a rhythm vaguely reminiscent of a square dance tune, hence the title… Continue Reading »


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