As I've possibly mentioned before, I find crawling down a rabbit hole and spending hours obsessing over something extremely inconsequential and trivial—typically of a coding nature—quite, erm… therapeutic when I'm a bit down in the dumps. Hence the previous post, which was the result of way too many hours doing just that.

The other thing I do, of course, is listen to music. Generally, at such times, a handful of albums set on random play. Which means there's a sound-track to go with the previous post. Mostly it consists of The Playboys, P. Paul Fenech, Imelda May, Bo Diddley, No Doubt and Batmobile.

So here's one from each. Because I felt like it.

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Tidy Links

Sometimes, Gentle Reader, I think I may get just a tad over-obsessive about trivial annoyances.

How often have you grimaced, as I have, when someone's pasted a link into a blog-post or a comment, thus…


…where that "blah-blah" gobbledegook takes up two, three, or sometimes even four lines of text? Given my opening sentence, I'm assuming you've probably guessed that it bugs the hell out of me; with far more buggy-helly-ness than is probably normal or understandable. To be honest, on a bad day even a short link just pasted in instead of being enclosed in a nicely anchored link-tag can grate on my nerves somewhat, but even on my best days, those multi-claused monstrosities that take up several lines set my teeth on edge.

Well, I can't stop people posting the damn things, but following a minor bug with a redirect on pharyngula's log-in page a while back, I got to thinking about URLs and how I might be able to at least tidy the damn things up before they arrive on my own screen. Continue Reading »

If you wish to prove that human-kind's
Unique in every way,
Who's the person who comes to mind
To back up what you say?
Do you turn to a biologist, to make your point more clear?
"Stuff that," says Ham. "Too obvious. Here's an engineer!"


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It's been a week or two since we had a music post. So here's one on the theme of birds. As ever, feel free to add your own suggestions in comments…

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Oh Dear…

Thatcher evades taxes: Roofer On The Fiddle.

Monarch casts a "yes" vote: The King: An Aye.

Satellite's sarcasm: The Moon's Tone.

Pearly gatekeeper's cavalry: Pete's Dragoon.

Parallel threads: And Never The Twine Shall Meet.

Dr. Deep neuters many cats: Deep Spays Nine.

Yes, it's very difficult to hit a goblin: Miss An Imp? Possible!

An absurd cloak: Farce Cape.

T-shirt bearing the slogan "Everybody STFU"

"All Quiet!" On The Vest, In Front.


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John Oliver hosts a truly balanced debate on climate change.

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Get A Life

You don't like abortion. You don't like contraception.
You don't want people marrying if both get an erection.
You don't like single parenting, or seeing too much skin.
You don't like sex-ed either; you think that it's a sin
To teach kids how to cope with all the things that are to come.
You think that being gay is all about sex up the bum.
You don't like masturbation. You think Satan is to blame
For everything that you don't like. You're all the bleedin' same…

You're all bloody perverts. What leads you to be vexed
Is you're unhealthily obsessed with other people having sex.


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