While I may not agree with the sentiment (though it's nothing to rantingly dismiss either—just not my cup o' tea), I have to say I love the what, layout? format? of this poem. Quite literally a word-picture. Very clever.

Of course, I'm now itching to see if I can reproduce it using actual text and HTML/CSS trickery…

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On Winning

I had an email a couple of days back from a certain evangelical personage. Apparently, he's "won," as I've been too busy to address some puerile rantings he's made on the internet. I didn't know we were engaged in a competition, but okay:

Dear fundamentalists and would-be theocrats of every stripe…

Your Christ was never in my Christmas,
I never took him out.
The Qur'an tells you to draw no pictures,
I don't need obey its strictures.
For me they hold no clout. Continue Reading »

If you've got an hour to kill, here's an enjoyable documentary on the history of automata.

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Thuppertime Blueth

Pity poor me, when I sit down to eat.
You try to chew with just two teeth that meet!
Every snack, every meal, is a bloody adventure.
A curse on the day when I stepped on me denture!

(Yeah, okay, I know. Pam Ayres' was better.)

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Get Out Of Hell Free

When did you last hear a fundy quote Christ?
They'll quote Revelations 'til Hell turns to ice
And Isaiah and Paul, Leviticus too,
But quoting their King? That they never do. Continue Reading »


As I've possibly mentioned before, I find crawling down a rabbit hole and spending hours obsessing over something extremely inconsequential and trivial—typically of a coding nature—quite, erm… therapeutic when I'm a bit down in the dumps. Hence the previous post, which was the result of way too many hours doing just that.

The other thing I do, of course, is listen to music. Generally, at such times, a handful of albums set on random play. Which means there's a sound-track to go with the previous post. Mostly it consists of The Playboys, P. Paul Fenech, Imelda May, Bo Diddley, No Doubt and Batmobile.

So here's one from each. Because I felt like it.

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Tidy Links

Sometimes, Gentle Reader, I think I may get just a tad over-obsessive about trivial annoyances.

How often have you grimaced, as I have, when someone's pasted a link into a blog-post or a comment, thus…


…where that "blah-blah" gobbledegook takes up two, three, or sometimes even four lines of text? Given my opening sentence, I'm assuming you've probably guessed that it bugs the hell out of me; with far more buggy-helly-ness than is probably normal or understandable. To be honest, on a bad day even a short link just pasted in instead of being enclosed in a nicely anchored link-tag can grate on my nerves somewhat, but even on my best days, those multi-claused monstrosities that take up several lines set my teeth on edge.

Well, I can't stop people posting the damn things, but following a minor bug with a redirect on pharyngula's log-in page a while back, I got to thinking about URLs and how I might be able to at least tidy the damn things up before they arrive on my own screen. Continue Reading »


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